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Poster session 1

Thursday, September 27 2018

Making Room for the Needy: The Credit-reallocation Effects of the ECB’s Corporate QE, Oscar Arce (Bank of Spain), Ricardo Gimeno (Bank of Spain) and Sergio Mayordomo (Bank of Spain)


SME Creation in Serbia: Where to Look for Productivity and Growth?, Jasna Atanasijević (Univeristy of Novi Sad) and Milica Uvalić (University of Perugia)


Contingent Claims and Hedging of Credit Risk with Equity Options, Davide E. Avino (University of Liverpool) and Enrique Salvador (Jaume I University)


The Geography of Mortgage Lending in Times of FinTech, Christoph Basten (University of Zurich)


May the Force Be with You: Exit Barriers, Governance Shocks, and Profitability Sclerosis in Banking, Benedikt Fritz (Deutsche Bundesbank), Michael Koetter (Deutsche Bundesbank, Halle Institute for Economic Research & Otto-von-Guericke-University), Carola Müller (Halle Institute for Economic Research) and Felix Noth (Halle Institute for Economic Research & Otto-von-Guericke-University)


Default Risk and Multiple Bank Relations Among Microenterprises, Jann Goedecke (KU Leuven & University of Agder), Francisco Bächler (University of Agder), Roy Mersland (University of Agder) and Bert D'Espallier (KU Leuven)


“Leaning Against the Wind”, Macroprudential Policy and the Financial Cycle, Thore Kockerols (European Central Bank & University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne) and Christoffer Kok (European Central Bank)


Creditor Control Rights and Global Corporate CDS Informativeness, Iftekhar Hasan (Fordham University & Bank of Finland), Miriam Marra (University of Reading),Eliza Wu (University of Sydney) and Zhang Gaiyan (University of Missouri-St. Louis)


Expectations in Markets for Correlated Default Risk, Rainer Jobst (University of Regensburg), Daniel Rösch (University of Regensburg), Harald Scheule (University of Technology Sydney) and Martin Schmelzle (University of Regensburg)


Market Reaction to the Expected Loss Model in Banks, Enrico Onali (Nottingham University Business School), Gianluca Ginesti (University of Naples Federico II), Giovanni Cardillo (University of Bologna), Giuseppe Torluccio (University of Bologna)

Corporate Debt Maturity Profiles and Bank Loan Covenants, Chih-Wei Wang (National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan), Wan-Chien Chiu (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan) and Tao-Hsien Dolly King (University of North Carolina, Charlotte)
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