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GRETA is a research and consultancy centre in economics and finance, founded in 1990 by professors and researchers from the Universities of Venice, Padua, Milan, Florence and Rome.

As a research centre it allows the economic operators community to benefit concretely from the most recent developments of economic and financial theory also through the quantitative and econometric models. The continuous update of the analytical model is a need that cannot be renounced in order to forecast and understand a continually changing reality, generate coherent decisions and make management more efficient.

GRETA's principal aims are:

  • the research of innovative methodologies oriented to the solution to the operational problems of the public and/or private corporate sector;
  • personnel update and training in scientific matters for the private and public sectors..

MoreoverGRETA is part of several European networks with other research and university centres. It has a flexible organizational framework able to generate, within its own network, the skills required to support project needs.


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Risk Management
Systemic Risk
Asset Allocation
Financial Portfolio Analysis & Evaluation
Option Pricing
Scenario Analysis
Statistical Research

Monthly Econometric Financial International Model - MEFIM
Econometric Financial Regional Model - MEFR
Global Asset Model - GAM
GRETA Pension Fund Performance - GRETA-PFP
GRETA Regional Econometric Model - GREM

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Sovereign Bond Markets Conferences
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